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Neograft Hair Restoration in New York

The effects of hair loss can be devastating. Dr. Yael Halaas is excited to offer the latest advancement in hair restoration technology, NeoGraft hair transplants, in her New York City office. As NYC’s top choice for hair transplant procedures, Dr. Yael Halaas and her dedicated team understand the importance of restoring confidence with NeoGraft hair restoration technology. NeoGraft hair transplants are more efficient than traditional hair restoration methods and provide natural-looking results with quick healing and minimal recovery time.

Dr. Halaas and her team have over 17 years of hair restoration experience, specializing in cutting-edge surgical and non-invasive hair transplant techniques. In addition to her distinguished work as a facial plastic surgeon and specialist in hair restoration, Dr. Halaas is a luminary for NeoGraft. As an official instructor for NeoGraft, Dr. Halaas trains fellow colleagues on how to expertly use the most advanced hair restoration technology for both men and women.

Benefits of NeoGraft Hair Transplants

Contrary to other hair restoration methods, NeoGraft is the only Class One FDA-approved automated medical device for hair restoration. Each treatment is designed and overseen by facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist Dr. Halaas. Using NeoGraft micro grafting technology, hair follicles are individually harvested and transferred to balding areas to reestablish and contour your hairline. Tangible hair growth is visible faster than other hair restoration procedures and there is no shaving or scarring. Additional advantages include:

  • No staples, sutures or scalpels used
  • No linear scars so you can show off a shorter hair style
  • Efficient surgical time
  • Greater number of hair follicles are preserved and transplanted
  • Quicker recovery time allows you to return to work the next day
  • No numbness at the harvesting sites

NeoGraft – The Minimally Invasive,
No Incision Hair Restoration Solution

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Your NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment

NeoGraft is less invasive than any other hair transplant procedure and only takes 3-8 hours to perform. Dr. Halaas and her expert NYC hair restoration team provide a comfortable and thorough procedure with NeoGraft hair transplants. With a high-tech automated method, Dr. Halaas harvests donor hair follicles from select areas populated with dense hair growth. This ensures optimal hair development in thinning, balding areas. Before hair follicles are harvested, your scalp is numbed with a local anesthetic. Once you are comfortable, the doctor creates a series of precise incisions and artistically places hair grafts to emulate the natural contour of your hairline.



Results and Recovery After NeoGraft

Following the procedure, the scalp is thoroughly rinsed and dressed. Dr. Halaas will provide aftercare instructions to follow for optimal recovery. Since there are no incisions or stitches to monitor, NeoGraft has a relatively short recovery time and lesser complications than traditional methods. Slight swelling and redness are to be expected, but typically subside within 4-7 days after NeoGraft hair restoration. Within 3-4 weeks, the donor hair should begin to fall out and you’ll notice new hair growth.

NeoGraft FUE Hair Restoration in New York

Consistently striving to create perfect results, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Halaas and her technicians employ non-invasive micro grafting NeoGraft technology to design a natural-looking hairline and personally tailor hair restoration based on each patient’s aesthetic goals. With an art degree from Colombia University, Dr. Halaas relies on her artistic view, experience and highly trained skills to implement a style and artistry that is unique to your appearance. Contact Dr. Halaas to discuss hair restoration options at her NYC office today.


“With any cosmetic proceedure you must pay before or the day of. Dr.Halaas and staff are very attentive to your needs and I having been going to her for 6yrs. She is truly the best.”

“Dr. Halaas and her team are very sweet and professional. I love the office space and the music. I really appreciate how honest Dr. Halaas is. She has a conservative approach, and keeps me looking like myself but better!”

“With any cosmetic proceedure you must pay before or the day of. Dr.Halaas and staff are very attentive to your needs and I having been going to her for 6yrs. She is truly the best.”

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