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Tight Ponytails Can Contribute to Hair Loss

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Sure, ponytails are simple and stylish, but tying your hair too tightly can cause pounding headaches and even hair loss. When your hair is in a high, tight ponytail, hair strands are being stretched taut from the follicle. This can lead to hair falling out before its time (traction or tension alopecia) and in extreme cases, can result in irreparable damage.

The following suggestions will allow you to minimize hair damage caused by wearing ponytails, while affording you the luxury of sporting a quick and easy do:

Hair Loss - Photo: Before treatment, female side view Hair Loss - Photo: After treatment, female side view
Before After
  • Use fabric-covered ponytail elastics that offer a gentle grip on the hair.

  • Avoid pulling the ponytail tightly inside the holder.

  • Try pinning the hanging length of the hair to the elastic with bobby pins, or use a hair clip or barrette to hold the heavier portions of the ponytail up so that there is less stress on the hair.

  • Limit how often you wear ponytails

  • Optimize the amount of hours you wear your ponytail. For example, wear it on a night out rather than during an 8-hour work day.

  • If hair must be tethered according to dress code, opt for a loose braid, a simple bun, or a French twist instead.

  • Do not wear ponytails to bed!

With a little ponytail know-how, you can have the style-savvy look you desire, while keeping your hair healthy, and damage-free.

If you suffer from extensive / chronic hair loss, Dr. Halaas may be able to diagnose the condition and suggest treatments including hair transplant surgery if needed. Call our NYC office today (212) 688-5955 to schedule an appointment.


Laser Hair Therapy: Why You Should Try It


The quest to find a solution to hair loss is as old as time itself. Balding has always been something of a mystery and solutions for the prevention or replacement of lost hair have been elusive, rarely resulting in an appearance that looks natural and even more rarely, one that IS natural.

Wigs, toupees, comb-overs, and the like often end up presenting an appearance that’s worse than the baldness itself.

People experiencing hair loss often struggle with appearance issues such a negative self-image. They can feel as though people consider them to be older than they actually are which can be discouraging.  If you are one of these people, you are probably nodding your head in agreement as you’re reading this.

Good news! It’s no longer necessary to feel this way about hair loss or to resort to less than satisfactory solutions to the problem. Laser Hair Therapy may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Laser Hair Therapy is a safe and effective, nonsurgical laser treatment that increases blood flow to the scalp delivering oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicles, stimulating natural hair growth. It’s really the best news any man or woman experiencing hair loss can hear.

If you’ve tried other hair replacement options, even if you’re ineligible for hair transplant surgery what you need. The procedure meets all relevant safety standards and the laser light used does not produce thermal energy that can result in injury nor does it change or alter molecular structures in any way. What’s more, since Laser Hair Therapy was introduced, there have been no reports of side effects.

While the results are not immediately seen upon leaving the doctor’s office, they are nonetheless, remarkably fast. Most patients begin to notice a pronounced reduction in the rate of hair loss after only a few treatments and in a matter of weeks, the results generally become quite obvious not only to the patient himself or herself, but their friends and family begin to notice it as well.

For more information, visit our page on Laser Hair Therapy!

What you need to know about hair transplant procedures


Today, many men and women around New York City have found themselves in need of help due to hair loss and baldness. Hair loss is usually due to chemical changes and hormonal imbalances within the body. Each patient has a unique situation and should be encouraged to discuss hair transplant options with an expert. There are many hair transplant procedures options available within New York City.

The first thing you will want to do is set up an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation discuss your issues and the results you desire to have from receiving a hair transplant procedure. The results of the consultation will determine if you are a good candidate for a specific option. You will be directed to the option that is best suitable for you and provides the best results.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction – This minimally invasive procedure leaves no visible scars. It has a two part procedure which includes first extracting and harvesting hair from the back of the head and second, transplanting the hair into the balding areas. Follicular Unit Extraction requires minimal down time and there are not any bandages or sutures to deal with. The amount of hair needed to fill the balding area will determine the amount of sessions that will be necessary to meet desired results.
  • Follicular Unit Grafting – This procedure is the most popular method for hair transplants in New York City. There is a two step procedure that includes first removing thin strips of hair and creating grafts, which are cut into one hair to two or three hair grafts. The second step requires the grafts to be transplanted into tiny receptor sites within the balding area. This procedure is affordable and at times, can be completed within one office visit. When you are fully recovered from the procedure, scars are very difficult to detect.
  • Eye Brow Hair Transplants – At times, many people may find their eyebrows thinning or balding due to over tweezing, laser hair removal, reactions to medications and many other reasons. Eyebrows frame the face and put focus on your eyes. If you find that you may be a good candidate for Eye Brow Hair Transplants, please discuss it during your initial consultation. There is an option for you to have your eyebrows restored almost to their original look. The procedure is done under mild oral sedation. Thin, fine donor hairs are removed from the back of your scalp. The hairs are then placed one at a time in your eyebrow area to sculpt natural looking brows. The hairs are placed one at a time in a natural growing angle. The procedure takes up three to four hours and provides lifetime results. Within one year you will find that your brows are thicker and natural looking.

New York City has incredible options for those who suffer from baldness. Whether you are a man or woman, you will surely find the best option for you. Discuss Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Unit Grafting and Eye Brow Hair Transplants with an expert. Make your appointment today and begin your journey to achieving your desired goals.

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